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===== Biafra NGO =====
Biafra c/o Jesmion Chikwudi Ibekwe, from: Uruagu Umudioka, via Onitsha, Dunukofia, Anambra, Biafra.
poverty eradication. Document:
Biafra NGO scheduled to setup sustainable social workshop in order to meetup with 2030 agenda on global poverty eradication. –

We have on board Engr. Anthony Aniebue (Technologist) for Strategic and directivity;
We have Ndubuisi Vincent Nweke Anaenugwu (Economist) the Director of Information and mindset;
We have Jesmion Chikwudi Nwafor Ibekwe (EnviroSci) Assistant;
We have Azuzu Chinedu Peters (pub admin) BVI Channel1 Media;
We have Emeka Emekesri (Legal) for Human Rights and advocacy;
We have Agbodike Chinedu (Agricultural);
We have Dr. Dozie Ikedife (chairman).
We have many others yet to be mentioned…

We are on board for a solution on how to contribute towards achieving global poverty eradication, beginning from the Biafra Indigenous people (BIP) to other areas upto global level.
This program seems an ideology on socialism and capitalism; its not mainly an agricultural programmes but has agricultural reflectivities.

We will be online to discuss a wayforward about global poverty eradication –
(1) what is socialism?….
.(2) what is capitalism?….
(3) what is agriculture?….

We can start the definitions of 1 2 3 questions and it’s a first regards addressed to: Ndubuisi Vincent Nweke Anaenugwu – Biafran Economist.
The second regards to Engr. Anthony Aniebue – Biafran Technologist.
The third regards to Jesmion Chikwudi Nwafor Ibekwe – Biafran Environmentalist.
The fourth regards to Azuzu Chinedu Peters -Biafran Public admin on BVI channel1 media.
The fifth regards to Chigozie Emeka Emekesri – Biafran Legal on human rights and advocacy.
The six regards to Agbodike Chinedu (Agricultural).
The seventh regards to Dr. Dozie Ikedife – Biafran chairman. ”

What we should further know about Biafra(NGO) could be a goal towards a schedule for a sustainable social workshop as to meetup with the agenda 2030 on poverty eradication., could be that the best Anti-poverty program could be a strong Family and a good job; so, the next focus could be on getting people out of poverty by liftingup all people and helping them find good works!”
The above mentioned can use the reply source under for details. You are welcome