It’s my pleasure to intouch with you; although, today might be a working day, but i assumed that my message would with immediate effect be attended between this time. I have severally wanted to send messages by the UNNEWS CONTACT FORM, but the recaptcha of the system wouldn’t let me and would delay my immediate and urgent feedback; however, iam requesting for a review of the (193 UN Member states) for the inclusion of ‘BIAFRA’ as a member state alongside others of third/fourthworld nations. I can observe that the already approved member state nations had been using suppressive tricks against other yet to be approved nations; example, in west africa, Nigeria has been using every suppressive tricks to demolish Biafrans from being a recognized nation. And i want to state that the United Nations mainly, the Secretary General must make it a law of including new nations on a giving years, but i can state that since 50 years now the Secretary General hath not included any new nations, may be, because the approved member state nations had dominated every corners of the United Nations and thereby suppresses the new nations that would have do better than them in terms of contributions if approved.
In 1999 the Republic of Biafra/nation submitted Biafra bill of independent to the United Nations, and to this present time Nigeria government has not stop using suppressive tricks against Biafra. But, the UN Secretary General has not critically do something about it.
Although, they are not happy over it!


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